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welcome to kitsch mood ☻

- soaps, candles, & crafts -

hello! i'm yuna, and i'm the creator of jellybubble :o)

i started out as a graphic designer and illustrator, but i've always wanted to make my own products to sell. this is how i got into soap and candle making!

i have suffered with eczema my entire life, and it's gotten worse as i've gotten older. i tried so many creams, lotions, and soaps to help soothe my sudden eczema flare ups. my fingers were covered in itchy, red bumps that made it hard to function. i ended up researching natural skin products, and i decided to try making my own soaps. what started out as a spontaneous hobby turned into something i decided to put all my time and energy into. once i got the hang of making soap and finding my own personal recipe, i decided to also venture into candlemaking as well!

i make everything with lots of love and care, and i use sustainable ingredients from vetted reputable suppliers. some of my soaps will be all natural, while others may contain synthetic (always phthalate-free!) fragrances or micas (from Mad Micas, who sustainably source their products), but none are made with toxic ingredients. i also am trying to move towards zero waste, so all items are packed in eco-friendly, recyclable packaging. i also reuse packaging i receive as filler (i hope you reuse it too!) all ingredients will be listed so you can be sure of how transparent i want to be. 
i hope you love my soaps as much as i do! 


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